Welcome to Simply Organic Turf Care. Thank you for taking the time to look around, please contact us if you do not find answers you are looking for. 

      Simply Organic Turf Care was created to supply the Atlanta area with a “safer option”. 

      Simply Organic Turf Care brings multiple years of experience in golf course, agriculture, and organic materials management in both commercial and residential applications. Our goal is to supply and educate you about the benefits of organics.

     You can have a great lawn and healthy shrubs without the harmful effects of synthetics. Our programs are designed to build your soils natural ability to sustain life. Good things take time; undoing the harmful effects of synthetic products, thereby creating healthy soil, is not instant. Once we have corrected your soil, weeds will naturally be choked out by your thriving stand of turf.

      What to expect if you choose Simply Organic Turf Care:  One of our experienced team members will be visiting your home 7 times a year. We will PH test annually until optimal pH and nutrient balance is achieved. You may experience an odor during one of our fertilization applications but this will subside within 12-24 hours after the application. Irrigating after the application or rainfall will help minimize this time. You may have some weeds until the health of your turf and soil improves. We will help control this at each application by using an organic herbicide and or hand picking your weeds.

     You are always welcome to call our office and speak to one of our team members about any questions or concerns you might have.

Maybe your looking for a program with more weed control?

 Maybe our  "BRIDGE PROGRAM" is for you.

     This program will consist of the combination of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners while utilizing synthetic pre-ermergents and herbicides. This program is designed to transition your turf into our organic program.