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Safe & Gentle care for your lawn, ornamental trees and shrubs from an organic lawn care pioneer.

Having a beautiful yard is important to you. So is protecting the earth, your family and pets, and other animals from harmful chemicals. So, of course, you’ve decided to go organic with your lawn, trees and shrubs. But with so many companies claiming to be organic, how do you know which one will give you the combination of safety and efficacy you want?

An exclusive formula developed specifically for Metro Atlanta.

Backed by a team of green industry professionals from both the golf and organic industries, Adam McCoy founded Simply Organic Turf Care to provide a safer, more effective alternative to both conventional and other organic lawn care companies.

With a degree in turf grass sciences and experience in traditional lawn, tree and shrub care, Adam set out to create an organic system that would deliver sustainably healthy lawns, trees and shrubs while shielding children and pets from unnecessary chemical use. After years of experimenting with multiple organic compounds, he created an exclusive seven-step process that uses a proprietary blend of ingredients designed specifically for the soil and climate of Metro Atlanta.

Healthy soil equals healthy turf.

Unlike conventional lawn care services, which use synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides, we use organic ingredients that enable your soil to use its own natural ability to nurture and sustain life. You will see thriving turf that will crowd out weeds and fight off diseases and insects.

Helping the planet, one lawn at a time.

We’re locally owned and operated. Metro Atlanta is our home, and we want to help make it more beautiful – naturally and safely. We know that taking care of Atlanta is key for a healthier planet. Please join us.